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Short-Term Rental Operations Pricing

As we've stated in numerous places on this website, the world of Short-Term Rentals is tricky, time-consuming and can be a downright stressful situation. Cozy CoHost is here to help alleviate your worries and simply take care of things as much as you're looking to have someone handle.  We offer multiple options of service & support!


Short-Term Rental Consulting

Diving-in to the STR pool can be nerve-racking. Our combined decades of experience and dozens of properties under operations have given us an edge. We'll come by or chat on the phone depending on your needs!

Phone Consultations: $40/hr

In-Person, Site Visits: $75/hr


Interior Design

Getting the right vibe for for potential guests you haven't even booked yet might just drive you mad. Themes, color palettes,'s A LOT! We'll make sure that you're set up for success with a look & feel that guests will LOVE!

Phone Consultations: $50/hr

In-Person, Site Visits: $100/hr

Operations SERVICES:

Listen to our Guests, not us!

Image by Ameen Fahmy

Mychal: Claymont, DE

"It was clean and comfortable well worth the money spent"

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