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About Us

We are local Atlantic City, but we don't gamble with your rental properties!

Cozy Cohost LLC is a full service Short Term Rental Operations Company. We pride ourselves on implementing stress free management strategies and present hands off options for owners to maximize their investment or vacation properties to the fullest potential.


We offer our clients peace of mind through our high standards of services and deliver quality hospitality and exceptional customer service to guests in order to create an enjoyable experience.


Our dedicated management team and motivated staff work diligently and effectively to provide value to homeowners, to investors and to guests.

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Our Story

Cozy Cohost LLC was founded in 2020 by Paul and Ashley Stewart, a long-time couple originally from Long Island, New York who discovered a growing love for Atlantic City. Paul was previously a food broker for a nationwide corporate company, and Ashley is a former wedding and event designer/ planner who worked with prestigious clients within luxury locations throughout New York. Trips to the shore of Atlantic City became a regular occurrence for them to get away from their busy New York lifestyle. They commonly stayed within the hotels, but over time started gravitating outside of the Casinos to grasp and learn about the local side of Atlantic City. Which made them fall in love with AC even more!

After many years and taking many trips to Atlantic City, Paul decided to invest in AC and wanted to purchase a vacation home. After a year, he finally found the perfect house to invest in. They used the home themselves along with family and friends, and they began sharing it with many others by listing it on platforms for short term renting such as Airbnb and VRBO. They really enjoyed hosting and interacting with different people from all over. The home was performing wonderfully, the guests just loved it!

With that, several investors began to contact them for assistance and/or advice with their properties. Paul and Ashley’s passion for real estate and hospitality began to develop and grow, and they also soon realized that managing a property from afar was not an easy task. They recognized the need for comprehensive operational services not only for themselves, but for others like them who wanted to short term rent their investment properties. Firstly, they knew they could not have the issue of state to state distance any longer, so in March 2020 Paul convinced Ashley to take a great leap and risk the move to Atlantic City full time. Within several months of getting settled in and renovating their new residence in Atlantic City themselves, they established Cozy Cohost LLC, a full service short term rental operations company. 

Cozy Cohost is the only premier short term operations and design company located directly in Atlantic City, and is now handling over 30 rentals within the city limits. The company takes pride in being locally based and community driven. Whether a client or a guest, there is a perfect fit for everyone with Cozy Cohost.

We are Local Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Owned - Atlantic City Based - Atlantic City Focused.

Meet Our Team

A Word From The Founders

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We have had the great pleasure of hosting countless guests and working with many clients directly, so we know firsthand the financial responsibilities and opportunities that come with this industry. We also know the challenges (and boy, there sure can be some challenges!), which is why we developed Cozy Cohost LLC and offer all the services associated with short term renting such as hosting, guest relations, market research, price optimization, platform listing and marketing, cleanings, supplies and amenities, interior design, space planning and the initial set up of a property.


Short term renting is ultimately based on our guests; it is about them, their experiences, and their reviews. We strive for high rated reviews by providing a clean, comfortable, and cozy place to stay. Since we are Atlantic City residents, we provide enhanced local knowledge, efficient responsiveness and a great level of enthusiasm and friendliness for all who come to visit AC!

To our future clients, we look forward to working with you in partnership to develop a lucrative business with your investment. To our future guests, we look forward to being the best and most gracious host to you! Either way, we thank you for the opportunity and look forward to all the future relationships within Cozy Cohost!

Stay Cozy.

-Paul and Ashley 

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